About Me

My name is Gary and I'm a Software Engineer at Dimensional Fund Advisors, in Austin, TX. Previously, I worked for the Information Technology Services department at The University of Texas at Austin, where I primarily worked on infrastructure for serving The University's Python web applications.

I'm also currently working part-time towards a Software Engineering master's degree as a member of the Software Evolution and Analysis Laboratory (SEAL), under the advisory of Miryung Kim of the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering. My current research interests lie in the areas of software evolution and metrics.

Before recently devoting most of my free time to school, I was heavily involved with the Django web framework, which I began using in 2006 and became a core developer for in 2007.

You can occasionally catch me at a few of the local user groups, including the Austin Python User's Group (APUG) and the Austin Web Python User Group (AWPUG).

You can contact me by e-mail at gary@thegarywilson.com.